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Connecting you with nonprofit consultants of color

About Constellation

Constellation is the first and only (as of 2023) national directory of consultants of color who work with nonprofits. 

Constellation was created by TakeTwo Services and strives to address inequity along racial and ethnic identities within the nonprofit sector. We seek to help nonprofits, foundations, and other recruiters find consultants who are diverse in identity, representation, skills, and experiences, who can serve as credible messengers to their unique missions and communities.

The directory lists consultants by area of specialty, issues nonprofits work on, sectors, experience, location, and more, so that hirers – nonprofit organizations, foundations that support them, and recruiters – can target consultants who fit their needs. Hirers can search consultants for free, and contact them for a sliding scale fee, based on budget size. More information on joining here.

Questions about the directory? Please click here to email us.  

Why Constellation?

We often hear nonprofit leaders share that they would love to hire consultants of color, but "can't find them."

Constellation: the directory of nonprofit consultants of color solves that problem!

Please browse, search, and contact any of the consultants listed. To contact the consultants, you will need to join as a member. Please note: we created the directory, but everyone listed on here has self-elected and added their information themselves. 

History of Constellation: the directory of nonprofit consultants of color

In May 2020, in response to the ongoing racism and violence against Black people in the US, we felt that rather than issuing a solidarity statement, we needed to do something with tangible impact. We often hear that nonprofit leaders would love to hire but "can't find Black consultants," or "don't know any consultants of color." So, we put together a simple Google sheet directory of Nonprofit Consultants of Color, where anyone who identified as a consultant of color could list themselves. (This was inspired by – hat tip and thank you!)

In 2023, we have further developed the directory to include and intersect racial and ethnic identity with other categories of identity (ability, neurodivergence, sexuality and gender identity, etc).

About TakeTwo Services

Constellation was created by TakeTwo Services, a consulting firm that exclusively provides nonprofit organizations with integrated marketing and fundraising services designed to tell stories, build brands, open hearts, minds, and wallets. TakeTwo was founded in 2010 by Bix Gabriel and Stephanie Arcella, who cut their professional teeth in nonprofits small and large, local, national and international. Together, the TakeTwo team has more than seventy-five years of experience in nonprofit fundraising and communications.

Bix Gabriel, who led the creation of Constellation, has twenty years of experience helping nonprofits tell their stories, and persuading people to care, give, and take action. She’s an expert in donor communications, creating and executing communications campaigns and strategies, storytelling, and nonprofit staff and board training. You can see more about Bix on her Constellation profile, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Stephanie Arcella, co-founder of TakeTwo Services, is a social worker and a seasoned fundraiser – a unique professional combo. She has 18+ years experience in fundraising, including working closely with board members, executive directors, directors of development, and major donors. Stephanie is an expert in relationship management, strategic and fundraising plan development and implementation, donor cultivation, grants management, and events management. To learn more about Stephanie, visit her LinkedIn page.